Welcome to spencergroupmedia.com

SpencerGroup Media (SGM) offers a variety of affordable services including copywriting, editing and proofreading. We help clients communicate their messages in the most appropriate way to their respective target audiences. The outcome is a well-crafted message designed to help clients grow their businesses and achieve their ultimate goal of making a profit.

Editing and proofing

In cases where clients have written material in place, which just doesn't quite acheive what it needs to, SGM can provide a solution. We've been successful in taking prewritten copy, deciphering it and rearranging the words so that what's written is clear and concise. Since a company website is often a viewer's first impression of that company, it's important the web copy is perfect. This is an area in which we excel. See the Services page for more on Web Content makeovers.

Media writing services

Most of the work and writing SGM does is media-related. From the copywriting of marketing brochures to press releases to pitch letters to magazine articles, special care is taken to craft the written form of a client's message. Each sentence is carefully constructed, some artfully composed.

Consultation and direction in the areas of artistic layout, graphic design, web design and publicity are also in SGM's wheelhouse.

Big ideas, small budget

Just because your business is small doesn't mean your vision can't be big. SGM can help you conceive ideas that can help put your business on solid ground. Helping our clients with affordable solutions, achievable goals, and attainable profits is our objective.